DAG VS. FOOD: Ampang Tofu, Doncaster

It's Tofu Time!
Tofu. It’s no longer the food only vegetarians eat. We, omnivores, can also enjoy the delights of tofu when it’s cooked right. Who knew tofu could be cool?

Welcome to Ampang Tofu, a Malaysian eatery in the eastern ‘burbs. I’ve only had their signature dish, Yong Tofu. It’s a pick’n’mix noodle soup.

2 X Yong Tofu  = *drool*

First decision: picking what kind of soup base you want. Choices are: a clear broth, curry or Tom Yum base. I’ve never had anything but the curry one because all my peeps say it’s the best flavour. Can’t argue with that! Don’t worry if you’re not good with spices; it’s a mild curry.

Second decision: what type of noodles you want in your soup. You can pick from flat rice noodles, rice vermicelli or egg noodles. Or you can go a little crazy like me and get a mixture. Whoa! Living on the edge... I recommend the combo of rice vermicelli and egg noodles :)

Third and final decision: picking what will accompany your noodles and Asian greens. You get to pick six miniature delights from an array of delicacies displayed before you. Most of them are variations of tofu delights such as pork mince in crispy beancurd or seafood stuffed tofu. There are non-tofu choices too, especially if you are anti-tofu, like fish balls and wontons. But what’s the point of getting Yong Tofu if you’re not going to actually eat some tofu!

A closer look at Yong Tofu = more *drooling*

The Yong Tofu dishes are cheap and fly to your table at an unnaturally speedy pace.

13 Village Avenue
Doncaster, VIC 

Ampang Tofu on Urbanspoon

There’s also a chain of Malaysian eateries called Grand Tofu which are dear cousins to Ampang Tofu, where you can also find the Yong Tofu dish. They are found in Glen Waverley (two restaurants on the same street) and one in Flemington.


  1. Ya know i ate here for like two weekends in a row. Have you tried next door? King's Jade? Amazing!!!!!

    1. No, I have yet to eat at King's Jade. Will have to check it out one day. Thanks for the tip :)


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